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"Jesus opened my eyes, as the camera opened my heart to see all of the beauty this world has to behold." ~Anonymous

Nature photography is a wide range of photography and by definition done outdoors. The images are dedicated to capturing natural elements such as landscape, wildlife, plants and close-up details of our amazing world.

This Wildlife & Nature group contains images of our big beautiful world; or at least my little corner of it.
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Guestbook for Wildlife & Nature
KKH Photos(non-registered)
Eric, Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my work. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!
eric s. seidel
I have enjoyed your rich colors. I have 2 passions other than my wife and family; that is clowning and photography. Last year I joined the Camera Club of Richmond,Va. . My canon camera is doing great. Learning how to use it and the computer has been a challenge at 65.
I will look foreward seeing some of your future work.. I enjoy nature, landscapes, people and clowns in action. Clowning for 19 years is a wonderful hobby. Sometimes while in makeup, it is rather difficult taking photos with the clown nose on but.........
Recycle the Clown/Eric