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What Lifestyle Photography Is:
Lifestyle photography aims to capture people in everyday situations and real-life events in a way that tells a story about their life as it is today.
In a lifestyle session you simply participate in your typical everyday life; hanging out at home, going to your favorite bakery, or the park where you play with the kids every weekend.
It's real life captured for you to treasure.
What Lifestyle Photography Isn't:
Lifestyle photography isn't shot in front of painted backgrounds with big lighting rigs, you won't need to dress your family in matching outfits [unless that's something you do everyday], and you won't be twisted and turned into unusual poses.
The only props will be those everyday items you would normally have in hand like the big bowl of chocolate frosting while the kids help bake dessert! And...
you will not be told "look into the camera!" for every shot; instead you will interact with your loved ones and your own surroundings and hopefully have a good time doing it.
The Lifestyle Photographer Is:
The lifestyle photographer is part fly on the wall, part party director, part documentarian, and hopefully part of a fun filled few hours.