“Essentially what photography is LIFE LIT UP.”
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"The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel LIT UP.
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The Time Spent - January 1 to January 1

January 01, 2019  •  1 Comment

The time spent between January 1 and January 1 seemed to fly by; and for KKH Photos it was all a great time.

2018 started with a trip to the first Kansas Professional Photographer's Association's event of the year, an image competition workshop. It was a great time to "test out" images that I was thinking about fixing up and entering in competition and a great opportunity to learn from some of the best in the state. And it was time to visit with photographer friends not often seen. I think that just might be the best way to welcome in a new year.

When it was time for our Winter Expo, where the competition is held, I filled pages and pages of notes while listening to the judging and the speakers and enjoyed the time with other photographers and friends. Events like this really boost your energy and get you lit up and ready to take on all the times to come in the year ahead.

A Days JourneyA Days Journey- Entered in the KPPA Image Competition [Photographic Open] at the Winter Expo in February 2018. This image received a score of 76 out of a possible 100.

I did something new with a bit of my time this year; I was invited to help the Osborne County Community Foundation with a little project. They were creating a county wide community calendar so that everyone in our little county would know what events were happening in each town. Now they can easily plan how they will spend their time. It's a great idea and I hope they keep working on it and that it grows so more and more people take advantage of it. -Oh, what was it they wanted my time for? Images, of course. Amazing what a variety of opportunities this little ol' camera of mine has created for me.

Speaking of this little ol' camera... it took me on an adventure to a ranch in Texas where I spent time with an amazing bunch of women at a Christian Women's Retreat, hosted by Christ Centered Retreats. I photographed their time together and did my best to captured the fun they had sharing their faith and learning from each other. I don't know yet if my camera and I will make this trip again in 2019; that time has yet to be planned.

While the new of helping the OCCF and CCR was a welcome and much needed change the year continued on with the usual shutter clicks; like my favorite trips to the zoo and shooting those big beautiful burst of colors at fireworks shows. 

MajestyMajesty- Entered in the KPPA Image Competition [Photographic Open] at the Winter Expo in February 2018. This image received a score of 79 out of a possible 100.

The usual, however, was once again improved upon when I had the opportunity to spend time sharing my work. Yes KKH Photos was invited, for the first time ever!, to show prints at an art gallery! The Gallery in Phillipsburg, Ks my be a bit on the small side but having the chance to be part of it was an amazing way to spend some time! I hope that I can do it again.

One little part of the usual that I didn't get to do again in 2018 was to shoot the Alton Jubilee. I missed running all over town, camera at the ready, to capture one activity after another from sun up to sun down at this amazing small town event. It was just one of those times when I couldn't do two things at once. Next year. Opps, I mean this year. I'm sure I'll be back to capturing the fun once again. Boy I hope the weather is not to hot that day!!

More of the usual shutter clicking time came in the form of Little Dawgs Football games and small local events like the first ever Oz Fest. Oh that was a fun night when I went from walking lap after lap around the football field to shoot the lasts home game of their undefeated season, right to shooting the great bands at the Oz Fest. I filled up the BIG memory card that night!

Oz Fest 2018

It was a bit like Déjà Vu when I found myself on a ranch once again in the fall of 2018. This time it was a ranch in Kansas where KPPA held our Fall Expo. I may have had a little vehicle trouble while I was there, and I may have had to miss a few of the awesome opportunities that Medicine Lodge and KPPA held for our time there, but thanks to a friend I was able to keep going. Thanks for playing taxi driver William! 

There was a second moment of Déjà Vu when I had a second opportunity to show, and this time sell, a few prints. I took advantage of a double space at a craft and vendor show to in Glasco, Ks and not only sold crafty creation but displayed and sold KKH Photos' prints. This was the third year that I have had the privilege of spending time at this fundraiser for their local VFW. There's a great bunch of people there and I'm happy to be invited to be a small part of  things.

The usual way time that involves any mentoring is spent is with a Master Photographer helping me to learn some new editing idea and giving me tips to improve my work. This year I was happy to abide by the KPPA Code of Ethics which, in part, says: "...Support efforts for and assist in the education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography..." by doing a little mentoring of my own when I had the opportunity to spend time with a friend who wants to learn more about photography. I do hope that in the coming year we will have more time to spend together as she ventures deeper into the world of photography.

Aside from KKH Photos I'll add to all of that: time spent with friends at a ladies group called Craft 'N Chat and serving as secretary/treasurer for them, time spent working for The Craft Basket, time spent working for myself with trips to and from craft shows for KKH Crafts, time spent assisting Christ Centered Retreats by creating and maintaining their website and blog, continuing to maintain a website for a friend, managing multiple Facebook pages for myself and for others, working towards gaining some control over migraines and managing other health issues, trips to visit my kids and even time to "baby sit" my grand-puppies, time spent with other family members, my small contribution to KPPA by serving on the board, a tiny bit of time helping a small group of kids paint rocks at a summer library program - that was a fun break!, there were good times at the county fair, time spent with those many many many crafty projects that needed completed, a little time spent helping my daughter and son-in-law move, and time spent helping a friend move (WAIT! I AM NOT KKH MOVING CO.!!), and those rare moments when time was spent just hanging out with family.

Yes; it was a very full year.

2018 has ended now. My kids have picked through the prints I have on hand and taken the ones they like home with them. My to do list includes things like -clean gear -clean out and organize bags -shoot a few new stock photos -shoot those quick family pictures for the church directory -and start the new year with a trip to the first Kansas Professional Photographer's Association's event of the year; an image competition workshop. And after that? Well I imagine that 2019 will be filled with time much similar to 2018; and that is time I look forward to.






Linda Pruski(non-registered)
A very busy year well-illustrated with your photographs. Looking forward to more March 1-3!
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