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Do Something A Little Bit Different

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes you just gotta do something a little bit different and that's what I did with these images.

No it's not something different with the post processing, it's the subject and environment that the subject is in that's different.

A while back we headed down the road a ways to the town of Great Bend, Kansas for a visit to their little zoo. I have been visiting the Brit Spaugh Zoo since I was a tiny little kid, I've taken my niece and nephew to this zoo when they were tiny little kids, and I've taken my own kids to this zoo when they were tiny little kids....

Brit Spaugh Zoo - Great Bend, Ks - June 24, 2018

It's been great in recent years to see the improvements made there. I think they have a lot more work to do but what has been done so far has been pretty amazing. In fact it was one of these improvements that we were there to see on this trip. The new grizzly bear enclosure had opened up and I was looking forward to grabbing an image or two of the bears playing in their new pool right next to the nice big new viewing window.

Well that didn't happen.

We got there and went to the nice new viewing window only to discover that the bears were way on the other end of their enclosure having a nice long summery nap way up on top of their new jungle gym.


So no fun swimming bear pictures for me on this trip.

Which brings me to the do something a little bit different part of the day.

Among the exhibits at the Brit Spaugh Zoo is a small little building with the sign "Education Center" over the door. It's been there for years and houses a few snakes, a few frogs, a few lizards, a parrot, and a few fish aquariums. It was there is this dimly lit little building that I did my something a little bit different for the day.

Instead of focusing on the big cats (or in this case bears) that I usually focus on I turned my lens to something much smaller. Behind fingerprint smudged glass of the fish aquariums, darting around fast as they could under the "spot lights" from the aquarium tops, I found my subject for the day. 

Happy little colorful fish!

Brit Spaugh Zoo - June 24, 2018

Well there's a challenge I don't take on everyday. Do you know how fast those little things can swim?!

I think I'll have to try fishing with my camera again sometime. That was pretty fun.





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