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June 23, 2018  •  3 Comments

KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet

What a summer!

I have done something new for KKH Photos. I have taken a few prints to a gallery!

Hey; a friend said I should and sometimes friends have the best ideas.

Yes; it is a small gallery but boy is it nice!

The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet in Phillipsburg, Kansas is currently showing some of my work.

You can see a sample of how they are displayed in the cell phone snaps above. Those print wraps are hanging in an awesome cluster right from the ceiling! It looks so cool.

I am not the only one with art on display at The Gallery; you can see paintings, drawings, metal sculptures, pottery... and it's always changing!

If you find yourself in the Phillipsburg area take a little time for a side trip and visit this little bit of art right here in our little corner of the world.

You won't be disappointed.

I Am King - [Revised]I Am King - [Revised]


Heather Dowling
How exciting Karen!!!!
A gallery! That's so amazing! Big or small doesn't matter either way it shows your work. Which by the way is beautiful.

Love the new blog location and the clean simple look. Looking forward to to seeing more!
Jennifer Kenney(non-registered)
The Gallery shares local talent in nicely placed displays. A lot of variety in the exhibits. A great way to purchase and own a unique piece. KKH Photos.....great art!
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