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“Essentially what photography is is life lit up.” – Sam Abell

Little Pieces Of Ribbon

August 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Another visit to the county fair and a few more little pieces of ribbon hang from the edge of the shelf.
Oh, those little pieces of ribbon really mean nothing at all.
It is just a little tiny county fair in a little tiny county with a little tiny amount of entries.
But it is still fun! 

"You don't want to make awards the reason you're doing things" -Nick Nolte

Those little pieces of ribbon really only mean one thing.
They mean you worked hard on something and you wanted to share it with someone else.

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." -Mahatma Gandhi

It is after all nice to be recognized for a job well done.
Those little pieces of ribbon are pretty too.
Red, White, Blue, Purple and shiny.

"Awards are lovely and always welcome." -Max Von Sydow 

And those little pieces of ribbon are encouraging.
They help you to improve.
To learn.
To grow.

"Awards can give you a tremendous amount of encouragement to keep getting better,
no matter how young or old you are." -Alan Alda

Yes, I kind of like those little pieces of ribbon up there on the shelf.
Proudly displayed right along side those shiny pieces of acrylic.

I never had a "trophy case" before I entered my first photography competition. 

It's kind of a fun thing to see all those little pieces of ribbon. 



Swan AbstractSwan AbstractEntered in the 2018 Osborne County Fair this image received a first premium blue ribbon. White Duck Swimming With His ReflectionWhite Duck Swimming With His ReflectionEntered in the 2018 Osborne County Fair this image received a Champion purple ribbon.


Do Something A Little Bit Different

July 22, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes you just gotta do something a little bit different and that's what I did with these images.

No it's not something different with the post processing, it's the subject and environment that the subject is in that's different.

A while back we headed down the road a ways to the town of Great Bend, Kansas for a visit to their little zoo. I have been visiting the Brit Spaugh Zoo since I was a tiny little kid, I've taken my niece and nephew to this zoo when they were tiny little kids, and I've taken my own kids to this zoo when they were tiny little kids....

Brit Spaugh Zoo - Great Bend, Ks - June 24, 2018

It's been great in recent years to see the improvements made there. I think they have a lot more work to do but what has been done so far has been pretty amazing. In fact it was one of these improvements that we were there to see on this trip. The new grizzly bear enclosure had opened up and I was looking forward to grabbing an image or two of the bears playing in their new pool right next to the nice big new viewing window.

Well that didn't happen.

We got there and went to the nice new viewing window only to discover that the bears were way on the other end of their enclosure having a nice long summery nap way up on top of their new jungle gym.


So no fun swimming bear pictures for me on this trip.

Which brings me to the do something a little bit different part of the day.

Among the exhibits at the Brit Spaugh Zoo is a small little building with the sign "Education Center" over the door. It's been there for years and houses a few snakes, a few frogs, a few lizards, a parrot, and a few fish aquariums. It was there is this dimly lit little building that I did my something a little bit different for the day.

Instead of focusing on the big cats (or in this case bears) that I usually focus on I turned my lens to something much smaller. Behind fingerprint smudged glass of the fish aquariums, darting around fast as they could under the "spot lights" from the aquarium tops, I found my subject for the day. 

Happy little colorful fish!

Brit Spaugh Zoo - June 24, 2018

Well there's a challenge I don't take on everyday. Do you know how fast those little things can swim?!

I think I'll have to try fishing with my camera again sometime. That was pretty fun.




Independence Day Celebrations 2018

July 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Whoo! 3 blog posts made since I moved over here from the old blog at WP. Well at least I can say I have accomplished something this summer! :D

In reality it has been a busy summer; I've been busy away from the camera with my crafty business getting ready for craft fairs and fixing up a few new creation, I've been busy away from the camera spending time with friends at our ladies crafty group, and I've been busy spending time with the kiddos and even doggy sitting for my grandpuppies! And - I've made a couple of trips out to Phillipsburg to The Gallery, where I still have a few images on display. They will be there until the 21st of July, but even if you don't make it while I have things out there don't hesitate to visit them, it is a nice little gallery with a big variety of art.

That doesn't sound like much but it really has been a busy summer.

And then there's the 4th of July...

Alton, Ks - July 8, 2018

Images in this gallery are for viewing only. If you or a loved one appear in these images and would like to order a print or download you can begin the process by creating a favorites list. Feel free to contact me via the link at the top of this page for more information.

I know that you all know that I love to spend time walking around the zoo and capturing images of the animals. But did you also know that one of my favorite things to shoot is fireworks? Things to shoot with the camera that is. Don't really care to actually light those bad boys up myself; I'll leave that to the professionals. But I do love a nice fireworks show and the little towns in Osborne County put on a good show or two every year.

On the 4th the hubby and I went to the show here in Osborne, Dixie pup even went along, they had a nice show again this year. It did seem like they could have spaced the bursts out just a little more but what do I know? I've never set up a show like that!

Osborne, Kansas - July 4th - 2018 - 1 second exposure - f/16 - ISO 160 - 58mm

Last night, July 8th, was the little town of Alton, Ks' Independence Day Celebration. Alton as you know from old posts over at the old blog is a little town with a big attitude. They have a hard working bunch of people that put on a couple of big events each year and this is the first time I've made it to this event. I doubt it will be the last. From a free supper sponsored by Co-Op to the fireworks show put on by the fire department and everything in-between it was a fun evening for everyone who attended.

Alton, Ks - July 8, 2018 - Images in this gallery are for viewing only. If you or a loved one appear in these images and would like to order a print or download you can begin the process by creating a favorites list. Feel free to contact me via the link at the top of this page for more information.

I had plans to venture out of the county for extra firework shows this year too but had to miss the show at Waconda lake this time; and even though I had planned to go I ended up missing the show at Wilson lake as well.

There's always next year when I'll be out there capturing the BOOM! once again.

19 sec - f/18 - ISO 160 - 45 mm - capturing multiple burst in one frame



10 Tips To Help You Capture The BOOM!

July 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Woo Hoo! It's fireworks time again!!!

I love a good fireworks show, who doesn't. They are lots of fun to watch and.... they are even more fun to photograph. This image below was taken at a small town fireworks show. We were just sitting there minding our own business and then BOOOM!!!
They were bursting just barely above our heads. This is not a composite image... this is simply a single frame... one shot... click - boom - done!


Fireworks - Ellinwood, Kansas - July 4, 2015

About this time every year I post my favorite tips to help you get your best fireworks photos, to help you have more fun shooting them with a lens than with a lighter! It's safer too. I have never burned my finger shooting photos of fireworks but I have burned myself shooting the fireworks.

It's a little challenging, getting those amazing Fourth of July pictures, but it is so much fun and when you get that CLICK and that BOOM to sync up just right..... those Oooohs and Awwwws - will last a lifetime.

And so in keeping with tradition here we go with 10 Tips To Capturing The Boom.


  1. Give your lens a good cleaning before you head out. There will be enough smoke and dirt in the air; you don't need to start with it on your lens too.
  2. Pack extra batteries, a flashlight, a comfy folding chair or a nice big blanket, a cold drink or two, and plenty of insect repellent. Just don't spray that repellent around your gear and be sure to wash it off your hands before you start setting up your camera. We wouldn't want any greasy fingers on our gear now would we?
  3. If your camera has a long exposure noise reduction setting in the menu find it and use it!
  4. Set your ISO low. 100 or 200 works well for this job.
  5. Set your aperture somewhere around f/13 to f/18.
  6. Shoot with a wider lens like a 28mm. When you want to fill the frame try something like a  45mm. And if you really want to fill the frame with those bursts that are lighting up the night sky try something even longer like say maybe 105mm.
  7. Securely attach your camera to a steady tri-pod. The sturdier the camera - the sharper the image.
  8. Use a remote shutter release or a shutter release cable to avoid creating movement when you click that button.
  9. Switch your lens to manual focus and your focus at infinity. After all those falling sparks are usually pretty far away from your viewing location.
  10. Shoot in manual mode or better yet bulb mode with exposure times starting around 1/2 a second and taking as long as 6 seconds. The longer exposure times creating more streaking with the falling colorful embers.

Bonus tip... Experiment with longer exposure times by using something like a dark baseball cap to cover the end of your lens between bursts while the shutter remains open. Be very careful not to bump your camera while you to this! With practice you can capture several separate bursts within one single frame.

Fireworks - 2017 - Osborne, Ks

Have a happy and safe 4th!

The Gallery

June 23, 2018  •  3 Comments

KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet KKH Photos at The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet

What a summer!

I have done something new for KKH Photos. I have taken a few prints to a gallery!

Hey; a friend said I should and sometimes friends have the best ideas.

Yes; it is a small gallery but boy is it nice!

The Gallery - Canvas & Cabernet in Phillipsburg, Kansas is currently showing some of my work.

You can see a sample of how they are displayed in the cell phone snaps above. Those print wraps are hanging in an awesome cluster right from the ceiling! It looks so cool.

I am not the only one with art on display at The Gallery; you can see paintings, drawings, metal sculptures, pottery... and it's always changing!

If you find yourself in the Phillipsburg area take a little time for a side trip and visit this little bit of art right here in our little corner of the world.

You won't be disappointed.

I Am King - [Revised]I Am King - [Revised]