KKH Photos | Black & White
A collection of black and white photos from shades of gray to high contrast.

Simple Black and White

We remember when our world was white
With lightning streaks in sight of black,
And not a host of grays to track,
To muddle-up our days.
Nostalgia makes our memories dearer;
Nights seem brighter; days seem clearer.
We remember times “back then”
When life was simply living;
Life was loving, working, giving -
Play by day and pray by night,
When wrong was wrong and right was right.
We see the black each time
We remember when our world was white.

I once knew the way of simple black and white
But now without the gray the contrast is too bright
Almost cartoonish, edges stark -
The white too light, the black too dark.
I need some shades of gray to soften
Like the halos seen so often
‘Round the once hard edges auras
Make a slight off-white distortion
This my part of marbled portion
Round the black a charcoal hue
Can blend the soot – so black it’s blue
Gray adds luster to my life
Once I quit recalling simple black and white.

By Susan R Holmes
23 Dec 2009
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