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At 10 years old, when a school teacher gave us a small photography assignment, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. My childhood friend and I made great plans to travel; I would photograph what we found and she would write about it. Good plan! Aww but life gets in the way of plans sometimes  and things happened very differently. I have long since lost touch with my old friend and my opportunity to enter the world of photography came later in life than A little "fan art" created by Susan H. of Farmington, NM -Thank You Susan! planned; but I am here now and this is where my journey of living life lit up begins.


I don’t really have just one focus [pun intended] some of the types of photography I enjoy include; stock, nature, event, and lifestyle. Yes I know, I should narrow that down a bit, but really I’ll shoot just about anything that doesn’t run away and maybe a few things that do!


In the summer of 2008 I began selling my works online with a Zazzle.com store where a selection of my photos can still be purchased on an assortment of products. My second adventure into photography was selling stock photos and still contribute to Dreamstime and Adobe Stock today.



It wasn’t very long before people started to ask about ordering prints for use in their homes or offices and thus KKHPhotos.com was born. KKHPhotos.com offers prints of all sizes [with or without professional framing], canvas prints, stand outs, fotoflots, many gift items and so much more.



I have taken on one assignment so far for Kansas! Magazine and my images of the City of Phillipsburg can be seen in the Summer/May 2012 issue. I don't know if there will be more come my way from this amazing publication but I'd sure enjoy it if there were!



In January of 2015 I began an adventure of a different sort and became a member of the Kansas Professional Photographers Association. In April of 2015 this new adventure gave me the opportunity to enter my first ever image competition where I received two awards! I have entered the KPPA image competition every year since and have received additional awards. You can view these images in the KPPA Image Competition Gallery.  I enjoy the competition but even more I enjoy the learning opportunity of listening to the judges as they talk about what is good or not so good with each image. I am still a member of KPPA and enjoy each and every event and learning opportunity the organization offers.


If you have an event coming up in the Osborne, Kansas area and are in need of a photographer to capture those moments contact me via the link on this page. Shooting events and capture those good times is one of my favorite things to do!!


“Essentially what photography is is life lit up.” – Sam Abell



"The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up.
Alive. Excited. Bright.
Half-hearted anything won't get you there." -unknown 





KKH Photos ~ Karen Hoar -Photographer

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