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This former ATSF Pacific steam engine #3415 was retired by the Santa Fe Railroad in the 1950s. It sat on display in the Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas for more than 40 years before a 4 year long restoration project brought it back to working condition.

Today the locomotive takes visitors on a 10 1/2 mile round trip from Abilene to Enterprise and back again. It pulls a 1902 wooden passenger car, two open air gondola cars and a caboose through the Smoky Hill River Valley.

An interesting fact that we learned while visiting the railroad is that this engine is a "sister" to the one that sits in the park at Great Bend, Ks. They have taken the parts that no longer work off this engine and replaced them with working parts from #3416 in Great Bend! You can see a couple of shots of the Santa Fe 3416 over in the Train Gallery.
Steam Train Composite Revised - July 2015Steam Train Composite Original - July 2015