Revisiting a King

January 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Have you ever done something that didn’t turn out as spectacular as you had originally hoped it would? Yes; We all have. In this case I had a great photo op with a king, well the king of beasts anyway, and the resulting image just wasn’t that great.

I Am King – straight out of camera


This king rules his little kingdom at the Topeka Kansas Zoo and I captured this image of him last May. I was pretty happy with the fact that he made some eye contact with the camera and sat so nicely to pose for his portrait.

However it didn’t turn out that amazing. A portrait of a king should be spectacular! Dramatic. Strong. Just look at that face; can’t you hear him saying “I am King!”

So I opened the image in Photoshop and gave it a little editing. Well it turned out a little more dramatic, I guess, and I was happy with it for a while. I’ve even been using it as my desktop wallpaper.

I Am King - first editI Am KingTopeka Zoo, Topeka Kansas - May, 2015

Yesterday I decided to revisit this king and give his portrait one more try. I went all the way back to the original file and started over from the beginning.

Now his portrait is definitely dramatic, much stronger, and as for spectacular… well I’ll settle for two out of three.

I Am King - [Revised]I Am King - [Revised]

Looks like it might just pay off to revisit old images and freshen them up a bit. Maybe I need to add that idea to my 2016 Photo Projects list!


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