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Creating A Favorites List At KKHPhotos.Com

October 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

When you are ordering just a few simple prints from it’s easy enough to choose the size(s) you’d like to have and add them to your shopping cart. But if you would like to do something a little more, shall we say, complicated that option isn’t always the best way to go about it.

For instance it has recently come to my attention that when customers create collages and books that it can be a little bit of a confusing processes. I contacted support this morning and asked them if they could help me explain how to create a collage in a way that would make things a little eaiser. [This works well for books too.]

What did support have to say? Create a favorites list!

Oh, now why didn’t I think of that while visiting with these clients yesterday? Well; we know now. Silly me.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, and I’ll try my best to explain to you how to create a favorites list and order an awesome photo collage.

Here we go…

Before a favorites list can be created the system requires that you first log in [or create an account if you don’t already have one]. I’ve added a Login or Register link right there on the main menu of the home page to make this a little easier. Once you create a favorites list it is then stored in your account for you to access from any internet connected computer web browser just by logging into your account.

To create a Favorites list or add photos to an existing list, navigate to the gallery that contains the desired images. Hover the mouse pointer over the image or the thumbnail of the image and you will see a heart shaped icon in one of the top corners, click on it to add the photo to a Favorites List.

You can even add multiple photos to a Favorites List at once by using the Select Photos button in the Thumbnails View of the gallery. You can also create or add photos to a Favorites list through the Photo Page view. If a Favorite list has already been created, the option will be provided to continue to add to that set, or make a new set. A Favorites list will be created based on your choices and a link to the Favorites List will be visible at the top left hand corner of the screen.

You can even add favorites from more than one gallery; that’s what makes this the easiest way to create those collages and books!

To Modify and Save a Set of Photos click on the name of the Favorites List in the top left corner to view and edit that Favorites List. You can click the Slideshow button to view the images in a slideshow, click All to select all of the images in the Favorites list at once or click None to deselect any highlighted images. Be sure to save your list!

To place an order you simply click an image to select it, click on the down pointing arrow to see the Favorites photo menu and choose the desired action from the menu that appears. In this case we are going to choose buy.

From here you will select the product that you would like to purchase and for this example we’ll choose collages.

From here we select the size we would like and click customize.

Now we choose the layout that we would like to have and the template opens with our selected photo already in place.

If this photo is not where you want it simply click on it and choose to remove it. Over on the right side of the template you will see three tabs; the last one says favorites. From the favorites tab you can select the set of images that you want to choose from and by dragging and dropping the images into the template you create your collage [or book].

Once your creation is complete click on Add to Cart and you’re ready to check out!

I hope this helps out and makes ordering those collages and photo books just a little bit easier for you.

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